Dear Friends:

As you are aware, I have been drawn into a dispute with the Sussex County Council over the County's efforts to seriously limit the abilities of the Sheriff's office to perform the duties entrusted to me and my deputies by the people of Sussex County and by the Delaware Constitution.

Although I have tried to seek a reasonable outcome, the response of those people who wish to suppress the ability of the Sheriff's office to do the people's will has been a failed legislative effort to statutorily neutralize the powers of my office.

Further, Attorney General Biden recently has issued an opinion that, based on questionable authority, attempts to further strip the Sheriff's office of its Constitutionally granted power.

The time has come to take further action. The Legacy Foundation, an Iowa-based tax-exempt organization, has taken a strong interest in this matter and wishes to further support me in my efforts to solidify the role of the Sheriff's office in Sussex County.

If you wish to support this effort, please click on the donate button below to make a charitable contribution.

Thank you, as always, for your support.


Sheriff Jeff Christopher


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